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At Heine Propane, you can always count on old fashioned service at a reasonable price! Since 2000, our family owned business has been serving Parker, Hood, Johnson, and Tarrant counties with propane delivery, tank installation, and much more. When you need a propane tank refill, just call 817-341-7240! Need something else? We are happy to help with the following:

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Propane Tank Specs

We offer the following Above Ground tank sizes:

1,000 gallon:

  • Weight: 1,784 lbs
  • Length: 157″
  • Height: 45″
  • Leg spacing: 90″
  • Leg width: 20″
  • Full load capacity: 19 tanks

500 gallon

  • Weight: 920 lbs
  • Length: 117″
  • Height: 36″
  • Leg spacing: 60″
  • Leg width: 17.5″
  • Full load capacity: 38 tanks

250 gallon

  • Weight: 478 lbs
  • Length: 87″
  • Height: 31.5″
  • Leg spacing: 40″
  • Leg width: 14.5″
  • Full load capacity: 54 tanks

120 gallon (vertical, dome or with collar)

  • Weight: 294.5 lbs
  • Length: 46″
  • Height: 30″
  • Leg spacing: N/A
  • Leg width: N/A
  • Full load capacity: 99 tanks

Benefits of Propane

Benefits of Propane

Thinking about switching to propane? Here are a few of the reasons you should!

  • Abundant — Propane is a natural byproduct of natural gas processing, and we currently produce more than we use. This makes propane an abundant, easily accessible fuel source.
  • Affordable — Because it is so abundant, propane is oftentimes a more affordable fuel than gasoline, diesel, or electricity.
  • Clean — One of the cleanest fossil fuels, propane produces fewer emissions than gasoline or diesel. Compared to electricity and CNG, propane is better for the environment and does not create the same warming effect.
  • Efficient — Gas-powered appliances are nearly always more efficient than electric or oil fueled ones. This can help you be more eco-friendly and save money on your energy bill!
  • Made In America — More than 90 percent of the propane we use is produced in the United States of America, reducing our dependance on foreign oil and electricity in times of a blackout.

Want to learn more about the benefits of propane for your home or business? Call Heine Propane at 817-341-7240 to get more information about the benefits of propane.

Propane FAQs


What can I use propane for?

Lots of things! Propane gas is commonly used is residential and commercial spaces to fuel appliances, heat water, power generators, and much more. It is also common in agricultural and landscape equipment, school buses, and more. In many cases, propane powered appliances such as clothes dryers, hot water heaters, and furnaces are more efficient than electric. Propane autogas (liquified propane) is also used to fuel vehicles.

How much does propane cost?

Due to fluctuating markets and many other factors, propane prices vary depending on how much you purchase, how far it travels, etc. However, propane autogas costs $1 less than gasoline or diesel on average. Compared to other fuel options in your area, it may be more or less affordable than an alternative. At Heine Propane, you can always count on reasonable prices, and we will match or beat any competitor!

Is propane safe?

Propane is a type of fuel, so of course it has some level of danger. It is flammable and can cause damage when heated or pressurized in an unsafe way. However, propane tanks are extremely durable and safe, having to pass rigorous restrictions and guidelines for production and quality. By following proper safety measures and inspecting your tank and gas lines regularly, you can rest easy. Our expert technicians and contractors always put our customers’ safety first by using quality equipment and proper procedures for propane tank refill, transport, delivery, tank repair, and more.

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Why Convert To Autogas?

Why Convert To Autogas?

So you’re thinking of converting from your gasoline or diesel engine to a cleaner, more affordable alternative fuel type. There are a few different options, including propane, compressed natural gas (CNG), and electric. If you’re converting your fleet, individual vehicle, or other type of engine, there are several reasons to choose propane.

  • Burns cleaner and is more affordable than gasoline or diesel
  • Converting an engine to propane autogas is cheaper than converting an engine to CNG
  • Go 90 percent of the distance of a gasoline engine, compared to only 30 percent with CNG
  • Majority of U.S.-consumed propane is produced in America
  • Many customers appreciate green efforts from businesses
  • Propane autogas refills stations cost less to construct than CNG refill stations
  • There are far more propane autogas refill stations in Texas than CNG stations

Want to learn more about propane autogas conversion in Weatherford, TX? Call Heine Propane for more information about autogas conversion today!