Can I Paint My Propane Tank?

Looking to paint your propane tank? Luckily, you can! However, there are certain rules and regulations that must be followed, including restrictions on color choices, per NFPA 58. Aside from the National Fire Protection Agency, there may be other rules that vary according to state regulatory agencies! To put is quite basically, you may paint your propane tank, but only in heat reflective colors, unless you plan to keep the tank in an extremely cold environment.

Which Colors Can I Safely Paint My Propane Tank?

Can I Paint My Propane Tank?

Looking to paint your propane tank? Make sure you know the rules first!

Often, propane tank owners decide to paint their tanks in a color meant to match their landscape or building. However, this poses a safety issue, and it poses a serviceability issue if the tank is painted in a dark or non-reflective color. As you’ve probably noticed when you wear darker clothing, or when you drive a dark car instead of a light one, dark colors absorb heat, and light colors reflect heat. With this in mind, why would you want to paint a tank filled with heat-sensitive substance a dark color? It is essential that your propane tank reflects heat, instead of absorbing it.

The main reason we need to avoid dark or matte colors on a propane tank can be reasoned with simple chemistry. When gases or fluids are heated, their volume will increase with the temperature. In the tank, propane exists as both a liquid and a gas, and overheating may cause an extremely high pressure situation. Higher pressure in the tank can compromise the safety relief valve, which means less safety for everyone around.

Propane Tank Maintenance: Rust And Painting

When it comes to rust on your propane tank, it is important to keep in mind that rust is a color, and not a light one! Rusted tanks can pose a high temperature problem, as well as an issue called pitting. Pitting occurs when excessive rust damages the surface of the tank, and begins to eat away at the surface. Rusted tanks often require sanding or scraping, and then a coating of protective paint and sealant.

If You need assistance with propane tank repair or maintenance in Weatherford, TX, call the experts at Heine Propane. We are here to help with all of your propane needs! Call 817-341-7240 today!

Propane vs Electric Power

Considering propane energy to power your home? In this post we’ll go over some of the benefits of propane compared to electricity. From dependability, environment friendly, to long lasting appliance, there are lots of great reasons to use propane.

Dependable Source of Energy

propane tankUsing propane to power your home gives you a reliable source of energy.
As long as you have plenty of fuel in the tank, you never have to worry about the unexpected power outages you’ll sometimes suffer with electric power.

Clean Energy

Propane is considered one of the cleanest burning fossil fuels due to produce very low emissions. Because of this, it is not considered harmful to plants or soil making an underground tank both convenient and safe for your property. Using propane as a main source of energy will help to cut down on emissions which helps improve air quality.

Improved Appliances

Compared to electric powered appliances, you’ll find that propane power and heating is much more efficient and cost effective. This are some ways propane are an improvement to your appliance and some of the essential tasks they’re used for:

  • Drying clothes takes less time
  • Instant heat for water and cooking
  • Lower repair costs
  • Longer appliance life span

If you are considering using propane in the Weatherford, TX area, contact Heine Propane to learn more about propane, tank installation, and usage. Our team can help you determine the right size tank you’ll need and the best location for it on your property. We are available for delivery when it’s time to fill up the tank too! Just give us a call at 817-341-7240.

3 Advantages of Using Propane

Propane is one of the safest, most affordable, and efficient sources of energy out there. It’s reliable for your home or business and is very environmentally friendly. If you are on the fence about installing propane to your home, there are plenty more advantages besides being affordable and safe. Here are three advantages of using propane.

Propane Advantages: Reliable Source For Emergencies

If your power happens to go out, your appliances that are powered by propane will still work. You’ll never be without your appliances when you use propane.

Propane Advantages: Propane is Versatile

Typically people use propane for their grills, but propane can be used for so much more. Not only can it power your grill, but it is able to power your appliances. Your boiler, dryer, oven, and fireplace can run off of a propane tank.

Propane Advantages: Great Alternative to Electricity

Electricity uses a lot of energy. Not only can that be bad for the environment, it can also spike up your bills. Propane is a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to electricity. Electricity can take a while to warm up our appliances, but with propane, you are able to have your appliances working in good condition within thirty minutes.

If you are propane tank inspection or repair, call the experts at Heine Propane. We will be able to provide inspection and repairs that are fast, efficient, and affordable. Don’t wait, call us today at 817-341-7240 for propane inspection and repairs you can count on.

Ways to Prevent Your Propane Tank From Freezing

With winter upon us, it’s important to keep our propane tanks in tip-top shape. We can ensure our tanks are in good condition by preventing them from freezing. It can be an unfamiliar task, but at Heine Propane, we are here provide information on how to prevent your propane tank from freezing.

Propane tank

Check Tank Pressure

If your propane tank is not full then it can cause pressure to go down and cause your tank to freeze. Filling up the tank should keep the pressure stabilized.

Insulate the Tank

Insulating your tank can prevent it from freezing. It is not recommended to use a space heater, hot water, or a blow torch to maintain proper temperatures. A heating blanket can be a safe way to ensure propane tanks don’t freeze.

Check Regulator Vents

If there you get ice or snow where you live, make sure to check the regulator vents. If the vent is full of ice or snow, you will need to contact a professional to repair it.

Remove Ice or Snow With Broom

When you are clearing off ice or snow, using a broom or something equally soft is key. If you use a metal or plastic scrap it could damage the propane tank and it could also be dangerous.

Be Careful

You need to ensure when you are cleaning off your tank that you do not get snow on exposed, pipe, valves, or meters.

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How To Determine The Right Size Propane Tank For Your Home

Whether you’re switching to propane, building a new home, or upgrading your current propane tank, one of the most important decisions is to determine the right size tank for your home. Here are a few tips to help you find out the right size propane tank you need.

What will you be using it for?

right size propane tankFirst, what will you be using the propane for? Whole-house heating or as a supplemental fuel source for a specific appliance? Some people choose to used a mixed system in their home, while others use propane for just about everything. The more you use it for, of course, the larger tank you will need. Storage tanks range from the tiny containers used to fuel your outdoor grill to massive 90,000 gallon tanks for commercial purposes. However, most residential customers utilize tanks between 100 and 1,000 gallons.

How big is your home?

The more space you heat, the more gas you’ll need. For reference, a 2,200 square foot home using propane for whole house heating uses approximately 1,200 to 1,500 gallons of propane per year. Since North Texas has a mild climate, you will likely only use your furnace a few months out of the year. However, many other factors can determine how much propane you’ll need, including your home’s insulation, materials, and appliances. Depending on how often you want to refill your tank, you could opt for a smaller or larger tank.

How many appliances do you have?

How much of your home is designed for propane use? If you plan to operate your hot water heater, stove, clothes dryer, and more with propane fuel, you’re looking at more energy use. You should also consider the efficiency of your appliances. If they are older models, they may use more energy than newer, Energy Star rated ones.

As you can see, there are many factors to consider when determining the right size propane tank for your home. If you have questions or need a propane provider in Weatherford, TX, call Heine Propane at 817-341-7240! We can help with propane tank installation, refills, and much more!