Does Propane Delivery Save You Money?

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About Propane Delivery

Living in a rural area, aka, out in the country, having natural gas connection doesn’t exist. So, homeowners will have propane tanks behind their homes and get propane delivery every so often.  There are pros and cons to this method of power source, and most people, once they have acclimated to it, prefer propane over natural gas or an all-electric home. 

For anyone new to propane delivery, tanks, and usage, there are many questions. For you, we offer the following answers, helpful information, and tips. Like a concern for many, even those who have been on propane want to ways how to save on propane costs.

Does propane delivery lock you in at a set price?

Propane is a component of natural gas but is refined, making it a little more expensive than natural gas. However, if you don’t have any other option, you need to find ways to lower your expenses with propane delivery and usage. And that includes getting the best price possible per gallon, just like the gasoline for your car or the kWH for electrical service. 

The gas market fluctuates and lately, it has been going up. Fortunately, unlike the gas for your car, you can bargain with propane delivery companies. So yes, some propane delivery companies will offer a lock-in rate of up to one year for a small upfront fee. 

Does frequent delivery reduce the cost of propane?

No, if anything, that will cost you more because you will typically pay less per gallon for more propane to be delivered. The more you buy in bulk, the less you’ll pay for one. 

Will you get a surcharge if you need additional propane delivered early?

Like any company, propane delivery companies will have extra fees. Typically, if the fees are for not ordering as much as you committed to with the lock-in rate. For example, if you committed to 200 gallons a year and only order 125 gallons, they may charge you a flat fee for the shortage. 

Other additional fees could stem from an emergency propane delivery after hours or during inclement weather, on a holiday, or weekend. Another possible additional fee could be for a tank and line inspection. While that has nothing to do with getting a propane delivery, it is using an employee, time, and equipment. 

How do you keep propane heating prices down?

When it comes to heating your home, propane delivery costs aren’t any different than natural gas delivery. Using the same things that the natural gas company and electric company advise you for saving on energy. Starting with installing a smart thermostat. 

With a smart thermostat, you can set your heating to lower during the day when nobody is home and have it bump up the heat 30 minutes before you get home. That way the house is nice toasty warm when you get there!  For every degree you lower the thermostat during the day, you can save as much as 3% on your propane delivery bill. 

Other tips that can help with your winter propane delivery costs are: 

  • Watch the Propane Gauge

Fill up your tank before winter arrives, propane is cheaper in the summer, and then make sure you don’t run short and need special delivery. 

  • Watch Your Fan Use

Yes, using the bathroom and kitchen for one hour will force out a houseful of warm air. Don’t use an exhaust fan for more than 20 minutes. 

  • Close the Fireplace Damper

When the damper is open, warm air is escaping! And while the fireplace may feel warm while you’re sitting there by it, it is actually sucking the heat out. 

  • Keep Heating Vents Clear 

If a vent that is blocked by furniture or rugs is not letting the heat into that room, then it can’t efficiently circulate. 

  • Open the Curtains

During the day, when the sun is shining, open the blinds and curtains and let the sun do its job. And at night, close the curtains to keep the rooms warmer.

Gas delivery. Truck with orange propane gas tanks

How often can you have propane delivered?

This can vary from company to company, but most will set up a monthly delivery schedule with you.  Typically, most homes have a 500-gallon tank, which for an all-gas home, can use a propane delivery four times a year.

How can I save money on a propane tank?

The propane tank itself typically is provided by the propane delivery company. Because they are responsible for the tank being in accordance with federal safety laws, they won’t make any propane delivery to a tank that isn’t certified. If you have an existing propane tank you want to be filled by a propane delivery service, they will need to check and inspect the tank and lines to certify its ability to be used. 

Will I save money switching to propane?

If your home isn’t already set up for propane, there will be the initial connection expense. After that, like any household, saving money is a concern for you and a propane delivery service will save you money. How? 

It doesn’t take propane as long to warm up as it does electric heat. And once the room is heated, it will stay warm longer. Combine those two facts together and you’ve saved money! 

Take It to The Bank! 

What if your home is set up on natural gas, you have to wonder, is propane cheaper than natural gas?  Per gallon, no, a propane delivery will cost you more than natural gas if you measure it by the gallon. However, where you will save and make up that difference is with the usage. As we just reviewed, propane heats up faster and a properly insulated room will stay warmer longer, meaning, you’ll use less propane than natural.

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