Propane Tank Inspection And Repair Services

Do you have an old, rusted propane tank that needs repair? Did debris from a storm damage your propane tank? Call Heine Propane for propane tank inspection and repair services in Weatherford, TX at 817-341-7240 today! Our expert technicians will make sure that your propane tank is safe and secure and make any necessary repairs.

Your Safety Is Our Priority

Propane Tank Inspection And Repair ServicesAs mandated by the Texas Railroad Commission, there are many rules and regulations to follow when it comes to handling propane. Our expert technicians keep up to date on all safety information so we can best serve you and your family, as well as our commercial clients. Before each refill, we perform a leak test to make sure your system has no dangerous leaks. Our regular inspections include checking the tank, regulators, valves, piping, thermostats, burners, pilots, and appliances connected to your propane system.

Propane is naturally colorless and odorless, so odor is added to help detect leaks. If you ever smell gas (similar to rotten eggs or sulfur), turn off the gas immediately at the meter, open the doors and windows of your home, and exit the house. Do not turn any light switches on or off, smoke, light candles or matches, or attempt to turn the gas back on. Call us right away and we will send a technician to inspect your propane system, or contact the fire department.

While propane tanks and lines are designed with strict safety measures, there are precautions to be aware of. You should never paint your propane tank; dark colors can absorb heat, leading to expansion and increased pressure which can result in a dangerous situation. Rusted tanks should be repainted with a reflective white or similar color to avoid problems. If an earthquake, flood, tornado, or storm affects your propane tank, contact us and we’ll make sure the system is safe and secure.

Quality Service You Can Count On

When you choose a propane service provider, you want a company that is there when you need them. At Heine Propane, we always put our customers first. Call Heine Propane for propane tank inspection and repair services in Weatherford, TX today at 817-341-7240! Need an inspection when purchasing a home? Concerned about a specific problem? We are just a phone call away.