Underground Propane Tank Services

When you want the benefits of propane gas but don’t want a large, ugly tank in your yard, an underground propane tank might be for you. Heine Propane specializes in both above ground and underground propane tank services in Weatherford, TX. Call 817-341-7240 for underground tank installation, repairs, and refills today!

Pros And Cons Of Underground Tanks

underground propane tankUnderground propane tanks require special installation techniques and are not at all interchangeable with above ground propane tanks. They also have different safety requirements that must be adhered to in order to maintain integrity.

Although above ground and underground propane tanks have the same fittings and connections, they are placed in different locations on the tank. However, one of the most critical differences is the installation process. Underground tanks are subject to corrosion and other problems from being underground, so they are manufactured with a special protective coating. This coating can wear off though if the tanks is buried beneath gravel or abrasive ground materials. Proper installation is essential; if the tank is not installed properly, it could float upwards during heavy rains. This could potentially destroy gas lines and lead to a leak.

Because of these features, underground tanks typically cost more than above ground tanks. However, they are a more popular option for many homeowners because of the aesthetic appeal. Underground propane tanks are easy for propane providers to refill and are otherwise similar to above ground tanks. Both are manufactured and installed according to strict legal codes and safety measures so you can enjoy the benefits of an underground propane tank stress-free!

Professional Underground Propane Tank Installation

Because of the specific requirements for underground propane tank installation, choosing a professional, quality installer is critical. Heine Propane is proud to provide full underground propane tank services, from installation to refills and more. Our family owned business is committed to serving local customers with integrity and efficiency! When you choose us, you can always count on old fashioned service at a reasonable price!

Call Heine Propane today for underground propane tank services in Weatherford, TX at 817-341-7240!

Zak Monroe
We installed a 500 gallon tank underground in place of a lease tank
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I am a new customer of Heine Propane. I purchased a 500 gallon propane container from them and had them bury it. The communication from their office staff has been timely and the information that I have received has been accurate. The crew that did the digging and installation of the tank was courteous and conscientious. They knew what they were doing and took pride in getting it done right. They were careful about where they drove and parked their vehicles and left the area in good shape.We are off to an excellent start. I recommend their service without reservation.
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