Ways to Prevent Your Propane Tank From Freezing

With winter upon us, it’s important to keep our propane tanks in tip-top shape. We can ensure our tanks are in good condition by preventing them from freezing. It can be an unfamiliar task, but at Heine Propane, we are here provide information on how to prevent your propane tank from freezing.

Propane tank

Check Tank Pressure

If your propane tank is not full then it can cause pressure to go down and cause your tank to freeze. Filling up the tank should keep the pressure stabilized.

Insulate the Tank

Insulating your tank can prevent it from freezing. It is not recommended to use a space heater, hot water, or a blow torch to maintain proper temperatures. A heating blanket can be a safe way to ensure propane tanks don’t freeze.

Check Regulator Vents

If there you get ice or snow where you live, make sure to check the regulator vents. If the vent is full of ice or snow, you will need to contact a professional to repair it.

Remove Ice or Snow With Broom

When you are clearing off ice or snow, using a broom or something equally soft is key. If you use a metal or plastic scrap it could damage the propane tank and it could also be dangerous.

Be Careful

You need to ensure when you are cleaning off your tank that you do not get snow on exposed, pipe, valves, or meters.

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