What Size Tank Do I Need for My Home?

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Do propane tanks come in different sizes?

Some places running natural gas lines aren’t feasible for a variety of reasons, and in those such areas, propane gas is the power source used. Propane gas is delivered to businesses and homes by trucks that fill a tank with the liquid-gas either on an as-need basis or a set scheduled delivery. How much gas goes in a tank depends on how much the customer buys and what propane tank size they have.  

Yes, there are several different propane tanks sizes, which are measured by gallons, much like the gas tank in a car. There are residential propane tank sizes, which aren’t as big as the typical commercial propane tank size. Depending on the size of the tank will determine the maximum of propane gas it can hold, but a customer doesn’t have to purchase a full tank each time.  Depending on the propane company that services them, there may be a minimum amount, usually 100 gallons, and based on the propane tank size. 

Conceivably, understanding the dimensions of propane tank size is confusing for most people when it comes to knowing how much propane you’ll be getting. Typically, propane tank size is referring to their weight or how much they weigh in pounds when filled with propane. Having a clear sense and understanding about the weight of propane isn’t common knowledge, though, like a gallon of milk or a quart of oil. When it comes to propane tank size, that number includes the weight of the tank plus the amount of propane inside it is used to determine the propane tank size and capacity. 

What is the size of a 100 gallon propane tank?

The propane tank size and capacity of a 100-gallon propane tank is four feet tall by three feet diameter and will hold 100 gallons of propane, typical for residential propane tank size, with more homes having either a 250 gallon or 500-gallon propane tank size.   There are propane tank sizes up to 1,000 gallons. 

Deciding whether a 100 gallon propane tank size would be big enough will depend on the number of people living there, how any gas appliances are in the home, and how efficient those appliances are. A home with 2,200 square feet in size, you can expect between 1,200 gallons and 1,500 gallons of propane per year to heat the house. 

What is the size of a 250 gallon propane tank?

A 250 gallon propane tank size is thirty inches in diameter and ninety-two inches long with the capacity at 40% being 100 gallons of propane.  With propane weighing approximately 4.2 pounds per gallon in American standard measurement at 60 degrees Fahrenheit, if full of propane, a half-full 250-gallon propane tank size would weigh 1025 pounds. 

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How long does a 250 gallon propane tank last?

If you’re talking about the tank itself, propane tanks are built well and last for a long time when properly maintained. An above-ground propane tank is a galvanized tank commonly found behind homes in rural areas, will last thirty years or longer. An above-ground propane tank size of 250 gallons that is made from aluminum and composite cylinders can last longer. 

The longevity of a propane tank is determined by the propane tank size and installation, use of the tank, and how well it is maintained. An underground propane tank, regardless of size or purpose, will have a shorter life expectancy, average approximately twenty years. Soil type can affect the longevity of an underground propane tank too. 

If the question of “How long a 250 gallon propane tank will last” is regarding the propane inside the tank, every home and business has different levels of use. Some people could make 100 gallons of propane last a year, and a restaurant could go through 500 gallons in a month (if they have a really great month!). 

Choosing the correct propane tank size can be confusing and even intimidating. Every business and every home has different levels of use for their propane. Your propane salesperson can help you determine your possible usage and recommend the propane tank size and type you need. Here is a list of propane tank types and sizes:  

  • 20-POUND PROPANE TANK: Used for home grills, mosquito catchers, and patio heaters. This propane tank size is approximately 18” high by 12” diameter and holds under 5 gallons. They are exchanged at local retail establishments.
  • 33-POUND PROPANE TANK: Typically used by businesses for forklifts and auto gas-fueled vehicles. This propane tank size measures 24” high by 12” diameter and holds eight gallons. This tank is available in a liquid draw and used in a horizontal position on forklifts. 
  • 100-POUND PROPANE TANK: Commercial use for temporary heating a job site. Residential use for barbeque, cooking, dryers, and fireplaces. This propane tank size is four foot high by 18” diameter and holds just under 25 gallons. Must be placed a minimum distance of 3 feet from a door or window with a 5-foot source of ignition. 
  • 420-POUND PROPANE TANK: Residential use includes dryers, fireplaces, generators, swimming pool heaters, water heaters, and whole-home heating.  Commercial uses include commercial cooking, dry cleaners, and heat. The propane tank size is 4 feet tall by 3 feet diameter and holds 100 gallons at an 80 percent capacity. The minimum distance restriction is five feet from a door or window with a source of ignition at 10 feet, and a four tank limit placed side by side. 
  • 500 GALLON PROPANE TANK: Residential use for whole-home heating, generators, and swimming pool heater. Commercial uses include commercial cooking, dry cleaning, heat, and crop drying. At 42” high by 10 feet long, this tank will hold 400 gallons at an 80 percent capacity. It is available in above ground or inground and must be ten feet away from the building with ignition source 10 feet. 
  • 1,000 GALLON PROPANE TANK: Residential uses include whole-home heating, generators, and swimming pool heat. Commercial uses include commercial cooking, dry cleaning, building heat, and crop drying. This propane tank size is three and a half feet tall/full and sixteen feet long and holds 800 gallons at an 80 percent capacity. Must be placed 10 feet from a structure with ignition source at 10 feet. Two tank max that are three feet apart. 
  • 30,000 GALLON PROPANE TANK: Common use for this propane tank size is typically in large communities and facilities with metered service, or bulk plant storage. At ten feet tall and seventy feet long, this tank holds up to 24,000 gallons at an 80% capacity. 

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