Should You Invest in an Underground Propane Tank?

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Setting Up Your Home

Depending on where you are at, your home may be able to utilize propane or natural gas. If that’s the case, you have a few options to work with, especially if you choose propane. Many homeowners think that they can only have a tank above ground, which is why many choose not to go with this power source. Above ground tanks can be very unsightly no matter how useful. But, depending on how much property you have, you may be able to invest in an underground tank. Contact Heine Propane about an underground propane tank for your Weatherford, TX home. We’re available now at 817-341-7240.

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Benefits of an Underground Propane Tank

Is an underground propane tank a good investment? For many homeowners, it absolutely is. Propane tanks have long been used for residential purposes and provide an incredible power source for properties. Believe it or not, but with an underground tank you’ll have several advantages that you may not otherwise have with an above ground tank. What can you expect with this kind of tank? 

  • Appearance: One of the main reasons to consider an underground tank is because of your lawn appearance. With an underground tank installation, your lawn will be able to be better maintained. Homeowners often prefer the look without an above ground tank, but still want the use of propane in their home. 
  • Safe: Underground tanks do contain and handle any possible leaks better than an above ground tank. While there is a concern for groundwater contamination in this regard, it is generally highly unlikely. 
  • Increased Home Value: In many cases, an underground tank can better increase your home value than an above ground tank will. This is likely due to the appearance of a tank. Many homeowners find an above ground tank an eye sore and can potentially decrease your property values. 
  • Extreme Temperatures: Another major advantage to an underground tank is the fact that they will deal with extreme temperatures much better than their above ground counterparts. Since there is earth and soil surrounding them, there is less chance of drastic weather changes affecting or disrupting your tank. 

With an underground tank, you have several benefits and possibilities for your home. What’s great is that many installation and maintenance companies also offer autofill programs to ensure you never run out of propane. This is a great investment for those with underground tanks as it can be difficult to gauge when you are running low. For any of these services, you can rely on Heine Propane. We are a trusted propane company that can help with all kinds of installation and maintenance services.

Underground Propane Tank vs Natural Gas

Which is better: an underground propane tank or natural gas? That’s ultimately dependent on your location and needs. Perhaps the major difference is the cost. An underground propane tank cost will be more expensive than natural gas. Additionally, the use of propane is more expensive than natural gas, however, the same amount of propane produces about twice as much heat. That in mind, natural gas may be more expensive, so it’s really important to understand what your options are. Both propane and natural gas are safe options for homeowners. Since you are working with gas, it’s still important to maintain other aspects of your home like the ductwork and ventilation. Keeping up with regular attic ventilation maintenance will ensure that your home is always safe and always healthy. To learn more about your options, contact Heine Propane today.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much is an underground propane tank? 
    • For an underground tank, it could cost between $1,800 and $3,000 for a 500 gallon tank or $2,000 and $3,500 for a 1,000 gallon tank. There are also installation fees and other additional costs that can change your total amount.
  • How long will an underground propane tank last? 
    • When well installed and maintained, an underground propane tank will last you about 30-40 years. Part of the maintenance will include rust resistance and corrosion and will potentially prevent the tank from leaking into the groundwater.
  • Is underground propane tank safe? 
    • Yes, both underground and above ground tanks are inherently safe. There are several protections built in that will prevent propane from leaking out of the tank. More than that, as long as it is well maintained, your tank will be safe. 
  • How deep do you bury a propane tank? 
    • It will depend on how big your tank is. A 500-gallon tank will need to be buried in a hole 5ft deep and 5ft wide and 12ft long. A larger tank will need a deeper hole in order to maintain protection.
  • What size propane tank do I need?
    • The size of your home will determine the propane tank size you need. For an average home of about 2,500 sqft, you’ll likely need a 500-gallon sized tank. Larger homes may need a larger tank and vice versa.
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